Stacking Focus Rails.... ??? to what end.....

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Re: Stacking Focus Rails.... ??? to what end.....

Robin Casady wrote:

orchidblooms wrote:

greetings -- ready to pull the trigger on a focus rail....

i can see advantages to X / Y movement (2 rails - each direction)

then i see this... on flkr...

thoughts on why this person has stacked, rails? it looks like the both go same direction

It appears that the top rail is for micro adjustments and the bottom for larger adjustments. The the rough placement with the bottom rail and make fine focus adjustments with the top.

My recommendation for a rail is to find one with a screw drive, rather than rack and pinion gears. Avoid friction movements.

I have a Novoflex rail with rack and pinion gearing, but found it a little difficult to get precise movements for focus stacking very close shots. So, I built my own screw drive rail. It is much better.

I've never used a Velbon rail, but it has a screw drive and two axis.

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Have you seen this option for finer control with some Novoflex rails?

CastFine adapter

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