Which one D3200, D5100 or D90??

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Re: Which one D3200, D5100 or D90??

Just checked your entire gallery of photos and counted the number of shots where you came up to this 'limitation' of 1/4000th of a second exposure time... Seems its a huge limitation for your type of shooting there.

gunkan wrote:

rohanmanohar wrote:

Hi I'm now looking at getting a decent entry level DSLR,

A little experience with film cameras but pick things up straight away so even with a pro camera I will eventually work out the system.

Basically I would like your opinion on which camera set I should get and why?

D90 es que best choice for the money.

I was in the same point that you but i finally got a Nikon D5100. The reason was the price.

D5100 is very limiting in a lot of characteristics (1/4000 without iso low), but the sensor is better than D90 and is cheaper.

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