Depth of field Calculator.

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Sante Patate Veteran Member • Posts: 5,908
Re: Depth of field Calculator.

clarnibass wrote:

The focal length of pretty much every lens changes depending on focusing distance, so once you focus close with e.g. a 50mm lens, it is most likely not exactly 50mm anymore, so the DOF calculator is a little tricky to use. How much it changes depends on lens, so I don't think any calculator compensates for it.

Nor does a "50mm" lens necessarily have a focal length of exactly 50mm at any distance.  The focal length designations for lenses are like "two litre" engines: they are rarely exactly that.  To give one example of both issues, the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII is, in fact, 72-192mm at infinity, and at close focus is 70-134mm!

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