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Leon Obers wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Well....after using it for a day and a half, and downloading software to give me back some of my desktop functions, I realized that the way they had things set up was simply going to make me unproductive. Having to keep switiching between Desktop and Metro modes to get my mail; not being able to have more than one app on the screen up in Metro.....and not being able to customize the look of the desktop to what I am most comfortable with,

Than you didn't optimize to your liking at all.
All is possible within Win8, just with two little extra tools I managed everything I had before.
Plus the extras of Win8 as a bonus.

That you couldn't match it in one and a half day is your own shortcomings, not the possibilities within Win8.

See e.g.:

So the argument FOR Windows8 is that with a couple of modifications, you're right back to Windows7. Right? So what's the point of switching? Boot-up is a second or two faster? No one in all of these threads has made a compelling case to switch. The only benefit I see is if your basic computing needs are "social" or "entertainment" websites, then W8 is right up your alley and MS knows this and is trying to capture this seemingly infinite block of people.

Windows7 is optimal for content producers and Windows8 is optimal for content consumers. Some people in this thread are terribly offended by that assessment but it's a fact. These same people resort to calling W7 users "haters" and "old farts" because that's the absolute best they can come up with to justify their standing in life. If they want to use W8, how the heck does that impact my use of W7? Nada, but I do get a kick out of reading their illogical and highly "emotional" arguments here.

Microsoft has taken all of their mojo and panicked and you know what happens when a person or company panicks. And where is the guy who's responsible for Windows8? Oh, that's right, Siberia.


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