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Associations are there to promote THEMSELVES!

The whole idea of associations are to make money and sell their services & their publication(s), while giving you the opportunity to put something on your business cards to impress neophytes.

Just look at NAPP, National Association of Photoshop Professionals. ANYONE can join that, you don't even have to have ever used Photoshop, never mind be a professional user of it, they'll take your money no matter what!

They exist to sell their courses, magazine, and books. I laugh when someone in their signature says they are a NAPP member. How about saying you're a professional basket weaver too.

I agree that those hiring photographers have to be protected from those out to just make a buck using Auto mode, but most here have a very narrow view of what a "professional photographer" is.  For instance I'm a catalog photographer, definitely a professional photographer, but I would NEVER shoot a wedding because I know what's involved.

This has been discused for YEARS...nothing new is being said from what I've read in past postings on the topic.

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