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Won't work I'm afraid...

This is about taking photos, not performing surgery on a person where yes you do want someone qualified to solve those life/death moments.

Nobody gets hurt if you take bad photos, just like any other business out there.

You can't "measure" photography as it can be an art to some. I often read hilarious web remarks such as "qualified photographer" ie they pay money to some organisation to use letters after their name or a logo.

That's great it's optional. But a license? Sorry it's just not going to work, and would be another cash cow for any organisation administering it.

Yes everyone is (or thinks they are) a photographer, not all are good, some are many are not. We're not alone here. Everyone is a journalist (blogs etc), everyone is a musician (you tube/reality shows) everyone is an artist (digital art/software etc)

I watched a documentary on this via netflix (can't remember the name now) it was not specific to photography, but mentioned the above points. And the conclusion was just because everyone can upload to youtube (or use other methods of getting their work seen) does not mean it's actually worth looking at! Talent isn't there with everyone. And yes there are too many photographers, but there are too many of everything out there too.

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