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Re: Who is the license designed to protect - the profession photographer or the customer?

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

DLGW wrote:

Who is going to design all the testing and certification processes?? It sounds awfully expensive and onerous.

The whole process seems more an exercise in creating false exclusivity - raising both costs and prices.

We aren't curing cancer here or negotiating legal contracts with financial consequences - a simple 'caveat emptor' will suffice for photography.

But with a license and regulation you could control standards, in force mandatory liability ins. And in general setup a standard code of ethics.

I feel that at some point in time venues, halls or Private Parks are going to only allow licenced photographers for weddings and events that meet some kind of regulated standard of conduct.

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The Camera is only a tool, photography is deciding how to use it.
The hardest part about capturing wildlife is not the photographing portion; it’s getting them to sign a model release

That already happens in the UK.

For event photography you are often required to show that you have Public Liability Insurance and additionally you have to prove that your equipment has been checked for electrical safety.

Further, and this I find paranoid and over-zealous, for schools, even though you may only be on the premises for a few hours and never to return for another year or decade, you are required to provide a criminal record check (silly really, given that your contact with the children will be fleeting and it's well known that the VAST majority of those who groom children for abuse are known to the child for many years or months; this silliness just fuels the myth of the dangerous stranger). But in any event, the point is, these regulations you talk of exist already in some quarters.



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