Painting my silver OMD to black? Anyone done it? Advises please?

Started Jun 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
marike6 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,088
Don't do it...put it on Ebay...

A camera is not like a car.  You can't mask off certain areas and spray on a new coat.  Assuming you could, getting black paint to adhere to the E-M5's smooth surface is going to be tricky (i.e., if not done right, the black paint will just peel).

Unless you are a photographing highly reflective object, I can't imagine camera color have any relevance at all.  Body color is only aesthetics and how cool you think the camera looks?  (Personally I prefer the silver as most Olympus lenses are silver and the camera looks more like the original OM).

Anyway, I would urge you not to try painting your camera.  Just pack up all the accessories, photograph your camera and put it on Ebay.  When it sells you'll have close to enough money in your PayPal to purchase a black EM-5.

Good luck, Markus

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