Two Basic Questions

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Two Basic Questions

I'm not sure about the rest, but I think this has to do with the EVF showing the current exposure all the time! I mean when you use an optical viewfinder and rotate the front element of the circular polarizer, you will see directly the influence of the filter in your viewfinder: it will go darker as you approach maximum effect and will be lighter at minimum. While the EVF is by default setup to show the current exposure taking into account aperture, shutter speed and in this occasion the filter.


You might have a point there. However, the filter cuts out only & always 1/2 of the polarized light waves only, not of the total amount hitting the lens. So the change in EV value might not be that much noticeable with the filter applied.

Perhaps the OP can provide the exposure data with and without filter, and with the filter turned 90 degrees ?


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