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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

The physical button on an Android device isn't a "close" button - it's a "home" button to take you to the home screen.

Tomato, tomato. It closes the application, that is what matters. And it does so easily, without me having to know about hot corners or weird sliding or any such things.

It does not in fact close the application at all.

The application goes away from my screen, leaving me able to use other applications, which is precisely what I want. What it does not do is kill the application, but it most definitely closes it.

It's rather like clicking the "desktop" button at the right end of the Windows 7 toolbar which minimizes all applications (but leaves them running).

Which is exactly how I like it on a mobile platform. Different usage patterns make for different appropriate paradigms. To kill an application on Android or iOS is pointless. Unless you're in the habit of running buggy applications, of course.

AFAIK there isn't actually a way to "close" an application in Android other than by going to the Application Manager and killing it.

You "close" it by clicking the close button. If you really want to kill it, for whatever reason (I can't think of any), in iOS you can't and in Android you just explained how.

But why would you want that? The point of closing an application on a mobile device is very different from closing an application on a desktop system. Completely different paradigms.

I don't have an iOS device, but I'd be surprised if its physical button was any different.

It's exactly the same way. Click it and it closes the current application, giving you a screen where you can start new applications. Just as you would expect a close button to do.


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