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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

theswede wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

theswede wrote:

iOS and Android are just as confounding to close apps on.

They both have a close button. Which does not move. It's physical

I have Samsung Tab 7.7 with Android 3.2 and I love reading ebooks with Kindle reader. Can you tell me how I close it with a close button ?

I have no idea. I've never seen one. I've given up on Android devices having owned multiple ones, all of which had a physical close button (mimicking the iOS one).

The physical button on an Android device isn't a "close" button - it's a "home" button to take you to the home screen.   It does not in fact close the application at all.   It's rather like clicking the "desktop" button at the right end of the Windows 7 toolbar which minimizes all applications (but leaves them running).   AFAIK there isn't actually a way to "close" an application in Android other than by going to the Application Manager and killing it.

I don't have an iOS device, but I'd be surprised if its physical button was any different.

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