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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

Archer66 wrote:

theswede wrote:

I have no idea what they're named.

How do you find them even in Win 7 if you don't know their names ?????

If I need to connect to, say, a Rexroth servo to make changes in its PLC, I will open the "Rexroth" folder in the start menu, and under that I will have a series of versions, pick the correct one, then under that a number of tasks and readmes, pick the correct one there, and underneath that I have a couple of weirdly named programs and a few readmes. I open the correct readme for the task (usually helpfully named "Read Me") and in there I can read which of the programs in the same folder I need. I keep that readme open while navigating the start menu to find it.

If I go to the Program Files folder all I get is a pile of executables. The organization is in the start menu, where it belongs.

When I tried this in Windows 8 the screen filled up with junk, searching for "Read Me" is about as helpful as you might expect, and even if I manage to open the readme I can't read it while navigating the horror which is the start screen.

Worst researched UI change ever. Or at least since Bob.


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