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The world is going to an opposite direction. Live with it. 30 yrs ago unless you work for magazine or newspaper, starting out as a photographer got a big barrier of entry. You need to be able to afford all these equipment, plus the film of processing of each shot. You can only be good after shooting / practicing in countless set ups. The cost add up. But still, anybody with money can buy up equipment and learn as they go. There are always people looking for somebody that charges less, and got what they paid for.

Now, it is easier than ever to shoot and practice on photography. People are more knowledgeable on photography in general. Sounds like somebody who is not excellent in what they are doing feels the need to set up a barricade to stop the newer generation to start their business.

But in fact the reality is, the most demanding client would continue to find the best group of photographers in the market. If you are good enough you will get paid top dollars. I know, over last decade it may be harder to find big budget for photo work, but there are still a lot of businesses need professional images done. Prices are set according to demand and quality. There is the $1000 shoot, and there is the $10000 shoot. If the client thinks it is worth the money and they are happy with the results, they will come back. Don't think anybody with a camera and photoshop can do everything. It's just the cost of getting images will continue to go down. There are 5 star chefs and there are people flipping burgers. The chefs cannot hate the fast food cook because people do eat fast food and some can only afford fast food.

And today, only a small percentage of photographers live like a rock star. Don't expect if there is such a thing like getting a license would make you the only game in town and everybody would line up to pay you. There is absolutely no point of it. If you must, then go get a college degree in photography. Just like any art degree, there is no indication that having such a degree would turn somebody into a good artist.

There are bunch of professional networks. In reality they are better than "a license".

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