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I wish licensing of many other professions would go away.   My barber needs a license.   What's the worst he can do?  I've had terrible haircuts from licensed barbers.   If you want a good photographer, look at his work and check references.   It's not that hard.   All licensing does is provide a barrier to competition to keep prices up.   My brother got married on the cheap and does not mind a bit that his wedding photos were shot by an amateur with a cheap camera.   They are perfectly all right and he didn't have the money for better.   It's not as if a Nikon D5200 is weak on image quality.   It's superb.   The camera isn't ideal for shooting quickly and surely, and isn't as tough as a professional camera, but I'd rather hire someone with good taste who cares than someone with a license who burned out years ago and is going through the motions to pay the alimony.

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