Who uses a wacom or bamboo tablet for editing or Smudges?

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Re: Who uses a wacom or bamboo tablet for editing or Smudges?

BoosAngel wrote:

I am about to go nuts trying to pick a tablet.....ughh...so many to choose from!


I have also been considering the bamboo create.



I would love any suggestions that any of you may have on a tablet for me. I do want a fair size area to work on but I just cannot spend hundreds on a top end model. I have spent most of the day on amazon and ebay looking for a tablet today.

Thank you all for your your replies.


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There are a couple of things people should realize:

quality and ergonomics.

Wacom is known for it's quality and ergonomics. This means the tablets are very durable, although an intuos 2 died on me i purchased another one and is still running for years now. The other one is ergonomics in that the pen of the wacom does NOT need a battery. The medion one probably uses a battery wich makes the pen quite heavy.

I have used those other tablets and wacoms and i prefer wacom any day of the week.

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