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Re: Win8 vs Win7

raymb wrote:

Not withstanding the much maligned metro interface on Win8, which can be replaced with third

party software. Are there any benefits in Win8 as an operating system that would make the switch worthwhile?.

Many thanks in advance

Earilier this year, I realized it was time to replace my aging Vista machine with a new one.  My secondary computer (print server), is Win 7, as is my laptop, but the one I do most of my photo editing work on is a Vista machine (I like to say it is the only one they ever made with that OS that actually ever worked   ).  So, off I went to buy a new desktop....Looked at Win 8 in the store, didn't think it looked bad, and seemed fast enough, so I bought one.

Well....after using it for a day and a half, and downloading software to give me back some of my desktop functions, I realized that the way they had things set up was simply going to make me unproductive.  Having to keep switiching between Desktop and Metro modes to get my mail; not being able to have more than one app on the screen up in Metro.....and not being able to customize the look of the desktop to what I am most comfortable with, all just made this a losing proposition for me, so I brought the computer back, and ordered essentially the same thing from  HP, but with Win7 instead.  What a relief when that arrived!

The only pro to Win 8, as far as I could see, was that it booted up faster, and seemed pretty zippy to use.  Everything else about it was a MASSIVE fail if you use your computer for productivity and not primarily poking around on Facebook.

As others have written, when MS gets around to releasing Win 9, I would imagine they will get it right....They seem to screw up every OTHER iteration of OSs....Win98 was good, Win ME was dreadful; Win XP was great, Vista was a disaster when it was released (although by the end of its run they had made it work mostly ok), Win7 was terrific, Win8 is a lost Win 9 should be pretty good, if they actually realize that designing for productivity is important to probably most users who are actually working on a computer and not a tablet....

Moral of the story.....Do NOT switch to Win8.  Hold off til the next gen Win OS is released instead.  If you have an OLD machine that has XP or Vista on it, and you need an updated OS, then just get a copy of Win7 for now instead.  If you need a new computer, you can still order ones from HP and I think maybe Dell also that have Win 7; but you won't be able to find any in most retail outlets.


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