To Delete or Not to Delete

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Re: To Delete or Not to Delete

Billy Lee wrote:

I use to save all my images on to my memory card, until the card filled up. Then I would format the card and start over. No problem with lost images, as I'd copy my images to my hard drive after each shooting session. Since I began shooting with my D7000, I've been using Nikon Transfer 2 to transfer files to my hard drive. Nikon Transfer will read and display all the files on my camera, which takes a little time and in camera battery use. Nikon Transfer will grey out files, which have been downloaded previously, so downloading which are new files is not an issue. To save time and battery juice the next session, I've been deleting all files, after transferring. Do most of you guys here delete or keep your files on your memory card?


I had been using Nikon Transfer since 2006 on D80's, D90's, D700's, D7000's and even my Fuji X100LE with not a single problem UNTIL I bought my D800E.

Suddenly I found that I couldn't change the WB when editing the D800E RAW files in Capture NX2.

Thanks to some great folk on these forums, I quickly learned that Nikon Transfer (even with the latest version) was affecting/corrupting the RAW files. The solution was to move to the latest version of View NX2 which has Nikon Transfer built-in to it. PROBLEM SOLVED!

I really like to use the Nikon software to transfer the files because you can set it up to create a new folder, rename the files using date & time (eg 20130602-073532) and store a backup copy on another hard drive and as well as synchronise the camera clock, which is great when using multiple bodies, because you can combine images from multiple cameras and they will all appear in the exact order that they were taken.

I always reformat the card in-camera after downloading, although you can configure the software to delete the images in the camera.

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