Win8 vs Win7

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Re: YOur response explains perfectly why . . .

dradam wrote:

Folks around here, on the other hand, certainly don't seem like they are capable of such adaptation. Instead, it seems that they saw a new looking Start Screen and were so befuddled that they immediately put their underpants on their heads and started running into walls.

What they saw was a perfectly usable UI farked up beyond belief when MS crapped their pants over the IOS/Android domination of phones and tablets, two markets that have been displacing a bit chunk of the desktop world that they dominate.

This is no new problem.  It's irritates me to no end that the Office product on my company MBP behaves entirely differently than the Office product on my win 7 WM.  Thankfully with the migration away from Outlook/Entourage to Gmail, I can kill the VM and get more real work done on the parent OS - Ubuntu.

Win 7 is terrible for touch, as seen with products like the Asus i5 tablet from 2 years ago.  But touch is only the answer for a few problems.

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