Legacy wide angle?

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Re: Legacy wide angle?

Austen19 wrote:

Is there an equivilent Pentax/Olympus/Other lens to the sigma 19mm/sony 20mm ?

I can recommend my OM 21/3.5 MC its well regarded as sharp across the frame on a FF sensor, so it's as futur proof as a lens will get, it has great color, and coma is well controlled, its my go to night lens.

If you have a 5N/R or 6, the CV15 is a good option, its not cheap($500-$800), but its IQ is very hard to beat, it doesn't mesh well with my 7, but I'm waiting for the FF NEX-9 to be released, it should be amazing.

The Tokina RMC 17 is another option.

There are more choices a little wider...

Canon FD SSC 24/2.8 is great.

Nikkor 24/2.8

Rokkor MD 24

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