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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

theswede wrote:

The differences are very In Your Face and crippling for engineering and science users. I normally have at least dozens of programs to access industrial systems and subsystems installed, with confusing names. In the start menu they're grouped by manufacturer name and then by task to use them for - dead easy to find what I need.

This was about desktop and not about Modern UI. Just pin your most used programs to taskbar or create a shortcut on your desktop just like in Win 7.

You're seriously suggesting that pinning programs to a task bar will solve the issue of not knowing what program does what from what manufacturer?


I'm sorry, I thought you know what software you are using My bad.

I bet most power users do not even use Win 7 start menu, there is no need for it.

Either you don't read what I write or you don't understand the problem. Either way, your opinion on this subject is worthless.


You do know that you can change it ?

Into a hierarchy organized as the Windows 7 start menu? Even if I can, why do I have to spend the time and effort doing this when in Windows 7 is starts out exactly like I want it with zero effort?

You have no idea what the problem is here.

I admit I can't see the problem bc it seems to be inside your head.

No it's not, most if not all new PCs have it on.

On the Dells we purchased in the last few months it has been about 50/50.

New or refurbished ?

And even if it isn't a signed root kit will still bypass it.

Pardon ?

Microsoft leaks keys like a sieve. There are plenty of Microsoft signed viruses and root kits in the wild today. Why will that change now?

Any proof of this that is not from a Linux forum ?

- Better file copying with enchanced dialog, you can even pause it

That's an application, not an OS feature.

WTF are you talking about ????

That it's an application. Sure, it's included, but if you move using another method there is no better copying. It's not implemented at an OS layer, it's just the Explorer copy dialog which is beefed up. There were plenty of such applications around going back to the NT4 days.

That said, good thing Microsoft included it. But it's hardly a change for a power user.

You lost me here, what does "move using another method there is no better copying" even mean ?

Again, this was about desktop.

You can never get away from Metro. If nothing else, the start screen remains Metro.

There are 3rd party programs that allow you to boot directly to the desktop.

8.1 will allow you to boot to the desktop and other booting options will be available too.

Hyper V isnt ?

It's a bare bones one. Hardly enough for power users. Or for me either, for that matter.

So what are you using ?

Err, there is big difference. Use Google to find out more.

Uhm. No. The printer still needs the driver. It's just that the dial home and get it method is smoother.


You conveniently left out part of what my comment was about:

"but if your printer manufacturer hasn't paid its Microsoft tax that won't help you much."

You've really shown you understand and can address all issues I raised. This level of response all along would have saved you a lot of typing, and is pretty much the level of comprehension of the issues you display.

As long as you keep spreading FUD I will call it BS.

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