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Re: Linux is an option

Patco wrote:

greyowl750 wrote:

No viruses or spyware for 3 yrs and counting..and yes you can run most windows software on it as well, using the Wine for windows program...look into it. I did, and im glad.

PS: most versions of Linux is free and 96% of the servers that supply us all with this thing called the internet use it, NOT WINDOWS.

Do you have a source for that statistic? A recent W3Techs survey of web server OS has all Unix & Unix-like (not just Linux) at 64.7%, and Windows at 35.3%. See "Servers" about half way down:

publicly viewable (and identifiable) servers represent a tiny portion of the actual infrastructure of the internet.  In the classic 3 tier  web product (web server + app server + database), you only see one of them - the most lightweight in fact.  It's easy to be a web server, much more so than the other two.

96%?  Don't know.   I know that mine has roughly 10,000 serving millions and I don't believe a single one is windows.  Only a couple hundred would be reachable by a survey like the one you describe above.  The answer is going to be the same at google, where they have millions of servers.  It's inane to waste memory and cpu and stability (which is certainly better than it was, but it was crap) for a pretty gui when no one is ever going to log into the server in the first place.  So yes, I'd expect the answer is over 90%.

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