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Re: YOur response explains perfectly why . . .

kelpdiver wrote:

dradam wrote:

And Win 8 haters are, by and large, a group of crotchety old men who feel that their needs are either completely representative of those of most users (they aren't) or somehow more important because they do "real" work (they aren't and they don't). What's more, for being a big group of "experts" they are somehow completely unable to adapt to even the slightest change.

experts don't change/adapt for the sake of change. An actual need must be met. And that's the heart of it - Win8 isn't solving needs for desktop users.

When I see corporate America get onboard, I'll pay a bit more attention. People do REAL WORK on Windows 7.

People also do "real work" on XP, or OSX, or Linux.  People could certainly do "real work" in Windows 8 (without much need for any large changes).  Many people do "real work" on a tractor or behind a grill or on an assembly line.  Perhaps we can drop this whole presumption that the only worthy work is that done by people that exist in a very specific technical space.

As for the experts, of course they don't change willy nilly, but neither are they completely unable to adapt to new situations.  Folks around here, on the other hand, certainly don't seem like they are capable of such adaptation.  Instead, it seems that they saw a new looking Start Screen and were so befuddled that they immediately put their underpants on their heads and started running into walls.

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