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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

Midwest wrote:

VirtualMirage wrote:

Jumping in here....

Having everything I use 'expanded' on the desktop would create a much bigger bunch of applications than you have there. I don't want them all expanded all the time.

I use a PC for all my applications, not a tablet.

I use a PC too, that screenshot is from my desktop.  What you see there is only a fraction of what I have installed.  Using the scroll bar below or the wheel on your mouse will scroll the contents of the window, showing the rest of the applications, in a left to right fashion.

Speaking for myself, since they are within groups which I know what they are, I can easily spot them when I expand the group. Many business and IT and other applications don't have 'catchy' names that we can memorize. I guess you're not in that situation. Some of us are though.

I don't know if you are referring to me or TheSwede on this one.  On the one hand it sounds like your method of organization is similar to mine, yet your argument seems to be in favor of TheSwede.  The great thing with Windows, and with Windows 8, is you can use either method.

And in the end after doing all of this organization, how is the end result better? Or is it 'about as good, only different' and no real benefit?

The benefit is only to the person for whom it serves best.  I wouldn't want to organize my stuff in the way TheSwede prefers because it doesn't work for me, same as they may not want to organize their stuff the way I do.  The point is the ability to offer both, which Windows 8 does.  Just to some, this may not be as obvious of an option.

My computer and its OS are supposed to serve ME, not the other way around.

And does it not still?  I don't see me serving Windows 8 and bending to its whim.  I made it work for me, and without using 3rd party apps either.  And to the surprise of some, I didn't have to do much to make that happen.  I understood what they were trying to accomplish, I found a lot of familiarity in it after taking a little bit of time to use it.  I see the improvements that they plan to implement in 8.1 (a free upgrade to all 8 users) to further improve upon that.

Don't get me wrong, I love Windows 7.  It was, and probably still is, my favorite Windows yet.  Windows 8 had some big shoes to fill to come close to that kind of success out the gate. Luckily, Windows 8's foundation is based off of Windows 7 and there is a lot of familiarity there as well as some new stuff as well. If you don't get hung up on foreign Start screen and actually take a moment to use the OS as you would 7, you may just find it just as easy to use plus some improvements here and there that you may have not realized you were missing before.  I have been enjoying using 8 and haven't the slightest inclination to revert back to 7.

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