Dual Boot Win7-XP a update

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Re: Dual Boot Win7-XP a update

Bob Collette wrote:

For the Control Panel, on Win7 I have mine set to "View by: Small icons" rather than the default "View by: Category". This way, all of the Control Panel applets are organized alphabetically. The problem I had when viewed by Category is that I knew what applet I wanted, I just couldn't remember what category it would be found under.

Amen. The "View By: Category" is just one out of a huge long list of tweaks MS have made to "simplify" Control Panel. The combined effect of all those changes is one big fustercluck.

What started out as a rational if imperfect design has now become a major mess where users can literally go around in circles thanks to all of the additional navigational aids.

Sorry for the rant but it just makes me mad!

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