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Re: Linux is an option

Patco wrote:

greyowl750 wrote:

No viruses or spyware for 3 yrs and counting..and yes you can run most windows software on it as well, using the Wine for windows program...look into it. I did, and im glad.

PS: most versions of Linux is free and 96% of the servers that supply us all with this thing called the internet use it, NOT WINDOWS.

Do you have a source for that statistic? A recent W3Techs survey of web server OS has all Unix & Unix-like (not just Linux) at 64.7%, and Windows at 35.3%. See "Servers" about half way down:

Well greyowl750 may have gotten some of the facts wrong, but his overall point is spot on.  Linux, particularly the Unbutu flavors (Unbutu, Mint, etc) are very desktop friendly and a viable alternative for many.

I've installed Unbutu and Mint both as dual boot on 2 of my machines (Unbutu on my photography PC).  They were VERY easy to install, and offered NO problems with drivers or had any compatibility problems with either my HP i7 PC or my ACER HTPC.  This recent upgrade to Unbutu 12.10 did have one little problem, in that the default video driver didn't like my nvidia card, but the proprietary Linux card was also loaded and I had to tell Unbutu to use it.

It works great.  So much of the software is open source and free, and the commercial stuff seems to be very inexpensive. I will admit, I'm not too thrilled with most of the digital darkroom software, but there are a few titles with some value to me.

When I get time, I'm going to install WINe on Unbutu  (also free) and see how well the Windows version of ACDSee Pro 6 runs on Unbutu.  Or if Corel gets off its butt and produces After Shot Pro 2 for Linux, I might buy that and skip WINe.

Also, the Unbutu Unity GUI puts WIN 8 to shame as a touch GUI that supports both touch and keyboard and mouse.  Good design is out there, you just got to screw up your courage and explore it.

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