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What you suggest sounds simple but is actually not practical in the least. Here are just few of the questions a licensing system for pro photographers would raise.

What would happen to current pros?  Do they have like say 6 months to get certified?  What if they don't pass or can't afford what I am sure would be sky high fees for the certification?  Does that mean they are out of businesses just like that even if they are providing a service and products their costumers are completely satisfied with? How would it be even remotely fair for that to be the case as it almost certainly would have to be.

What checks would be in place to ensure a fair and equitable licensing system?

How could one possibly objectively judge the quality of an art form like photography with ever changing trends and technical standards as cameras improve?

What metrics are used to deiced you are good enough?

How would it even be enforced? The only way I could see is to turn the customers into snitches and have them report pros they don't think are licensed. How would compromising the trust between them be good for either the customers or the photographers?

What about the guy who isn't a pro and doesn't own a business but occasionally shoots pics on the side for friends, co-workers and family for a few bucks?  Is he now a criminal or subject to fines?

A licensing system would crate more problems than it would solve while trampling all over the free market and the rights of many pro and hobby photographers.

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