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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

VirtualMirage wrote:

theswede wrote:

And how do you propose I find them on that start screen?

Windows Key + C, click on search. Or Windows key to get to the Start Screen, move mouse to right to bring up Charms, and select search. You will see this:

With exception to it being left to right instead of top to bottom, it is in the same hierarchy you would see in 7. If the application installation creates a Start folder, it will be under that "group" name, just like 7. The difference is that with 7 you have to view into those folders via highlighting or clicking and here it is already expanded.

The items on the far left were usually thrown at the bottom of All Programs in 7, here it is in the front since the installation programs didn't create Start folders for them.

Is that too hard? See, it isn't lost. The hierarchy is still there.

Jumping in here....

Having everything I use 'expanded' on the desktop would create a much bigger bunch of applications than you have there. I don't want them all expanded all the time.

I use a PC for all my applications, not a tablet.

So I need to sit down and manually recreate the groups which the installer would do for me on Windows 7? Tell me, how do you propose I find out which software does what, so I can create the hierarchy manually? In the start menu they're already grouped by manufacturer and function so I can easily locate what I need.

You can and be more organized, or you can do what I showed you above and use the older layout Microsoft used. You just have more options now. While you prefer to organize by manufacturer, I prefer to organize by what they do.

I have no idea what they're named.

Sounds like then you have a problem. If you don't know what they are named, then how do you know what you are looking for.

Speaking for myself, since they are within groups which I know what they are, I can easily spot them when I expand the group. Many business and IT and other applications don't have 'catchy' names that we can memorize. I guess you're not in that situation. Some of us are though.

By dragging tiles around you can group them into columns. Spacing it out a little further apart you will see a vertical line appear, this shows that it will create a new group.

In the bottom right hand corner of the screen there is a minus sign (-), click on that. It will zoom the start screen out. From here you can move whole groups of tiles. If you wish to give your groups a name, right click the group and select the Name Group option.

And in the end after doing all of this organization, how is the end result better? Or is it 'about as good, only different' and no real benefit?

My computer and its OS are supposed to serve ME, not the other way around.

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