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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

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For desktop user Win 8 is the same as Win 7 with some improvements:

It's not even remotely the same. There is no hierarchical organization of programs accessed from the start system. There is no obvious way to get rid of a Metro app which takes over the screen. There isn't even any point to Metro on a desktop system.

The differences are very In Your Face and crippling for engineering and science users. I normally have at least dozens of programs to access industrial systems and subsystems installed, with confusing names. In the start menu they're grouped by manufacturer name and then by task to use them for - dead easy to find what I need.

This was about desktop and not about Modern UI. Just pin your most used programs to taskbar or create a shortcut on your desktop just like in Win 7.

I bet most power users do not even use Win 7 start menu, there is no need for it.

Why should I accept a less convenient, more difficult way of doing my job so the easily amused can enjoy a gimmicky desktop that's like a tablet? Why should I accept workarounds that leave me behind where I was before things were 'improved'?

This I think is the core differnce between people defending Win 8 and people who don't like it.  It all depends on what you use the computer for, how inconvenienced you are by the new UI, and how willing you are to put up with said  inconveniences and work arounds for them to get the eye candy/cool factor of the new UI.

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