Win8 vs Win7

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Re: Win8 vs Win7

absentaneous wrote:

raymb wrote:

Thanks for your reply. I did not intend to start a war, But It seems to create strong feelings one way or the other.

I think I will work on the basis that "if its not broke don,t fix it" and stay with Win7.

thanks again for all the replies

Cheers Ray

I think that makes sense. also, I need to add that I switched to win8 using the discount microsoft was offering when win8 was released. that made the upgrade quite cheap so that was basically the main reason I got win8. if I had to pay the full price I'd probably stay with win7.

I would pay extra to get a new PC with Win 7 on it. Right now they are busy trying to push '8 and fortunately if you look around you can still buy or order a new machine with Windows 7. My mom in law needed a new PC and I helped her pick out a nice i5 CPU desktop machine with Win 7 on it.

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