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Re: Scan Resolution for Archiving

Thanks for your feedback. I've been scanning the B&W negatives at 48 bit so I guess that isn't doing me any favors eh? The negatives are all about 3" x 5" +/- a smidge and while I don't expect to enlarge to poster size, it is possible that I would go as large as 8x10. At 4800 the images are huge as you point out.

There seems to be a question of jpg vs. tif everywhere I read and here as well. I guess the tif would be better for archiving, does that make sense?

Batching them into jpg is a great idea because just to get a quick peek at them in the folder takes forever. Forgive my learning curve on this, but do/can you batch them via PS?

So am I following this correctly?

Prints - 600 dpi

35 mm slides - 2400

B&W negatives - 1200

As you know of course there is 720, 800, 3200, 6400 etc When and where would these be useful?
As since both of you appear to have knowledge of archiving then perhaps you could offer me suggestions on storage papers/envelopes? So much disagreement on this that it makes my head spin (buffered, unbuffered, paper, plastic, glassine) I'm in Florida so humidity is a factor. They are currently in plastic sleeve pages, but the humidity makes me uncomfortable with that.

Thanks Tom & Zone. This newbie appreciates your help!

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