Painting my silver OMD to black? Anyone done it? Advises please?

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Re: Painting my silver OMD to black? Anyone done it? Advises please?

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I thought that the multi color camera bodies were nuts, but painting a perfectly good camera body take the cake. How about pink or light blue? Use the is a tool, not a neclace! Go get yourself some sort of oddment to wear around your neck and give the camera a break!

It seems that there are some members who feel very strongly towards my intention to paint my silver camera black, with some comments that I feel expressed some uncalled for sarcasm.

I currently live in Bogota, Colombia. I love photography, especially street photography. However, there is a real threat and danger in shooting in a place like bogota where one should not carelessly flash out your camera as for example recently someone was killed on the street just for his mobile phone. Since I cannot and will not bring out my 5dmk3 to the street, my omd is my nearest option, but for reason above, I have real concerns and therefore wish to find a practical solution without giving up on shooting.

So without saying much more, please don't judge others based on limited information. I asked a simple question politely for the purpose of photography and it is obvious that some seem to be unable to give a straight answer. Anyhow.

Well, if you want to minimise exposure of the camera there are other ways: you could cover the shiny parts with black tape, or even use a camouflage net. You could keep it near your body with a pancake, and flash it at the last moment.

And if you have leather artists in Bogota' you might have a tailor made black shell. I think the best for me is to keep the camera inside a vest most of the time. By the time you shoot, and hide again the camera nobody will notice, especially if you never bring the camera to your eye.

EDIT: since you live in a special town you could ask someone into 'recycling cars' if he feels confident enough to airbrush the shiny parts of your camera by using masks .

Yes, an airbrush artist would be the best way to go about it.  They have the experience / patience to apply spray appropriately, with control.  A proper masking I'd imagine though to be the bulk of the labor.

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