Win8 vs Win7

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Re: Win8 vs Win7

raymb wrote:

Not withstanding the much maligned metro interface on Win8, which can be replaced with third

party software. Are there any benefits in Win8 as an operating system that would make the switch worthwhile?.

Many thanks in advance


People who have used it or 5 minutes in a Best Buy will tell you that it's "optimized for touchscreens", "removed the Start menu", and "dumbs down Windows", but in reality all of those statements are false.

- The "Metro" start screen is an improved version of the old Start Menu. It is fully customizable, and spending a good 15 minutes ordering it the way you need it really pays off in the experience.

- In no way does navigating or doing anything in Win8 require a touchscreen. In fact, I think I'm doing more keyboard shortcuts than ever before. From the Start screen just start typing part of any application name or function and bam! the choices are searched out and given to you.

- Antivirus protection is baked into the OS.

- IE10 is very fast, and stable.

- Win8 is efficient and backwards compatible with old hardware. I have it running quite happily on a 2009 netbook with 1GB of ram, and a 1.66 GHz processor. Try running Win7 on a machine like that.

There's so much more... give it an honest try. It's an improvement in every way, I think.

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