Painting my silver OMD to black? Anyone done it? Advises please?

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Re: Painting my silver OMD to black? Anyone done it? Advises please?

I have done it. Not E-M5 but an old OM2-SP. I did not change the colour, just re-painted it.

Many years ago I had bought a used OM2-SP as a spare body. It was badly scratched and this bothered me somewhat. I had some spare time and was prepared to experiment. And I paid very little for the body.

I stripped the camera (peeled the leatherette, disassembled the panels, removed all plastic parts). I needed the repair manual to do it properly.

Then I stipped the old flaking paint.

I used powder coating (matte black) to cover the panels and bake them. I even filled the lettering with white paint and the "SPOT-PROGRAM" with green.

Reassembled, and the camera was looking like new. Better then new because many years later the paint is still prisitne. No flaking, not chipping. Seems like Olympus could have used powder coating instead of paint if they wanted to make durable cameras. But what do I know...

So ask yourself:

  • Is it worth the effort?
  • Are all parts to be coated metal and can be baked?
  • Do you have repair manual to guide you through disassembly?
  • Do you have access to powder coating technlology?
  • Is it cheaper and easier to sell or swap for a black model?

Good luck.

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