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Re: Zoom lovers are the WRONG people to assess a fixed lens camera!

Steinhansel wrote:

If you had read the OP's message carefully (fully), you might have read that he found the A lacking in areas other than the limited focal length.

I read it - there were other concerns such as the inability to wirelessly trigger Nikon flashes, but the core of the argument was this:

"The Coolpix A is an amazingly limited little camera. I cannot really see why anyone would buy it. 28mm forever is just not worth the cost of this unit. With the P7700 I was shooting at 50mm, 100mm and doing portraits at 200mm. The A was taking high quality Iphone views again and again. No subject isolation. Little bokeh. Minimal ability to compose a shot quickly. And the A was not exactly quick to focus, not much faster than the slow P7700 in fact.

I own the 28mm 1.8G lens and it's my LEAST used focal length. With the A you are STUCK at 28mm in focal length purgatory!"

I'm sure that his opinion won't change yours, nor yours his.

Cool down, he wasn't attacking any of your core beliefs.

I didn't think that he was attacking anything and I don't think I was attacking his. But when his basic argument is "the 28mm my LEAST used focal length (and) with the A you are STUCK at 28mm in focal length purgatory" and even states "I cannot really see why ANYONE would buy it" (emphasis added), he's basically saying 'I don't like this focal length at all, so why would anyone else like it a lot'?

I was not and am not feeling anger and I don't believe I'm in any sort of attack mode, but I think this is a very real argument. There are plenty of things in photography and otherwise that I would never like to own because they're not compatible with my uses or preferences. But I would never say "I cannot see why ANYONE would buy it"! When the only thing I really cannot see is why I would buy it.... With my set of preferences, I would be the worst person on earth to judge some of Nikon's excellent zooms on their excellent DSLRs. I cannot see why I would ever buy one. But I can VERY EASILY see why someone else with totally different preferences would buy one!

Civility and respect should rule the conversation.

I'm sorry if I seemed uncivil - it was not my intent or my feeling when I wrote the message. I do feel strongly that if your preferences run strongly agains a particular product, you're probably one of the worst people to try to comment on it in any substantive way.

I used to play rock and blues and jazz music. I loved it - it resonated with me. I could write a pretty good review, with both praise and criticism of a jazz or blues concert. Because I GOT it, I understood the point of the music and felt it at a gut level. I never ever even began to GET opera. Nothing about it ever appealed to me. So should I review a specific opera playing in my local theater? Absolutely NOT - my prejudices would render my review useless! And it would be pretty insulting to the opera lovers who would read it and correctly deduce that "this guy doesn't know ANYTHING about opera"... I feel that the OP is in that position with a 28mm fixed lens camera.

With my kindest regards-

Back at you - kind regards,


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