The "A" gets an F

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Ray Sachs wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

Let's face it, some photogs think there's something "pure" about shooting with primes, like using zooms of any sort is being lazy or cheating. I'm not a prime shooter and would never own the "A". I do, however, shoot all the time with my D5100 (same sensor) and short zooms and don't have to "zoom with my feet" or some such nonsense. YMMV.

I've said it to you before and I may say it to you again. For a guy who doesn't get the appeal of shooting with the same focal length over and over and over, you're really damn good at saying the same BS thing over and over and over.

I tell you what - I won't knock the KIND of cameras you like, and you don't knock the KIND of cameras I like. I'm not calling you an idiot for liking what you like even though I like something very different. I don't see why you feel such a need to denigrate that which you don't understand! And when I say "don't understand" I'm not implying that you're too dumb to understand it (although I realize that's a possibility) - just that you have a different perspective and experience that causes you to prefer different stuff. So enjoy your stuff. But don't knock my stuff because you don't get the appeal of it. I don't get the appeal of your stuff - I mean I understand it, but it doesn't appeal to me at all. But I'm not knocking you for liking it, I'm not saying its any worse than the stuff I like. I'm just saying it doesn't appeal to me. I'm not knocking fish just because I prefer steak. Maybe you shouldn't either. But if you insist on doing it within eye-shot of me, I'll probably keep calling you on it.


Ray, I appreciate that you like the A and enjoy using it.

But my comments are well supported and stretch well beyond the limited focal length. Sluggish AF at this price point is an awful point and I have no idea why such a cam does not support the wireless flash system or employ VR.

Without a true viewfinder Nikon then builds a cute little hotshoe unit that costs about as much as my P7700! Are they on drugs?

The LCD of the A is VERY tough to see in bright light. So is the one on my P7700, but I can swing it out and tilt it down.

Though the A seeks to be ultra small, gluing a 28mm lens to it was a mistake. They could have built two more lenses for it and still had a niche product that would have been amazing. I would have paid even more for it. I LOVE my prime lenses. But NONE of them are stuck on my camera. I like the 28mm G lens, but I love the 85mm more.

As you said, we have choices and that's the good news.


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