Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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Not jumping ship, but may add to fleet

I have thought about adding the D7100 and a nice birding lens to my arsenal.

If I do however, I would be keeping my Canon glass, and would upgrade to the 7DII if the rumors are anywhere near accurate.

I am heavily invested in Canon glass at almost every focal length. If I bought Nikon, it would be targeted squarely at bird photography and I would not build a lens system like I have with Canon. I love the 7D and to some extent the 5DIII for birding. I also take surprisingly pleasant photos with the SX40 and SX50 taking advantage of the super-zoom.

If I bought the D7100 it would be to take advantage of the 24MP cropped sensor and the 51 point AF. I'm hoping that Canon will respond to that eventually with the 7D successor, but when? Whenever it is released and it lives up to the expectations, I'll get it.

But I would not have a problem having both Nikon and Canon. If nothing else, it would allow me to answer many questions I have regarding Nikon and Canon gear and see if it would be a right fit for me instead of relying on things I read on forums and in magazines.

But I don't have to jump ship in order to enjoy one or the other. I bet I could enjoy both.

And yes, I know there is a little expense involved, but it is not near as bad as the fishing boat was.

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