Nikon d600 wide angle lens advice

Started Jun 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Encephalartos Forum Member • Posts: 85
Re: Nikon d600 wide angle lens advice

Hi Guys, thank you for your responses I will look at the focal length I used most with my 7D and lenses that is good bit of advice.

as for feel when compared to the 7D, you can certainly feel a difference in build between the two cameras. With regards to dials and selectors they are just in different positions not real problem. One thing I do miss is the orientation lined auto focus points and live aperture in liveview. I have quite small hands but I do like the grip on the D600 but I do prefer the front the rear selector on the D600. I had a D7000 before my 7D that got stolen and had focus problems so I returned it to the shop only to find the other bodies they had the same problem.


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