Anyone considering the 75mm f1.8 now that it's $100 off?

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Re: Anyone considering the 75mm f1.8 now that it's $100 off?

jeffharris wrote:

ARB1 wrote:

I'm looking for a long lens since I don't have anything above 45mm at the moment and this is said to be a really nice piece of glass. Does anyone use this lens for street photography?

I thought about the Oly 75mm, but $800 or $900 was simply too much. Also, there's no way I'd stick a honking big silver lens on my stealth mode (taped up graphics) GH2.

So, I got a Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 Color Heliar lens (Leica screwmount) from for $489, lens hood included. Unfortuneately they've been discontinued, but is selling them used in EX condition for $399.

It's really an excellent lens that's smaller and lighter (200g) than the Oly. Sure, it's manual focus, but Voigtländers' focus rings are creamy smooth and are very easy to focus. It's a great lens!

And yes, I use it for street shooting sometimes.

Are those bubbles in your lens, like those in some old Canon FD lenses?

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