Alternatives to Acrobat on the Mac?

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Re: Alternatives to Acrobat on the Mac?

talmy wrote:

I don't use Evernote but maintain all the documents on a server computer. I also use Dropbox- any document placed a a particular Dropbox folder gets automatically refiled on the server by Hazel.

You certainly have a good handle on going paperless; I have owned Hazel for some time now and only recently learned about its automatic features. I also have a ScanSnap; it's a HUGE improvement over my old flatbed scanner!

I suggest checking out DEVONthink; it's Evernote on steroids. DEVONthink was recently updated to include database syncing between multiple Macs. DropBox is one of the built-in syncing options.

I've used DT for years. The Finder is a Model T in comparison...

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