wide angle DSLR shots looking like P&S images.

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Re: wide angle DSLR shots looking like P&S images.

Well, if the shot called for ultra DOF -- say, a landscape -- then that's what it calls for. I bet dynamic range and color alone, especially from a FX sensor, will blow away anything a P&S can get. And if not, that's still not a problem. You can take a great shot with a P&S as well as with a FX camera. My main line of advice to you is not to focus so much on "the look" as in "the core" of the image.

My other observation is that not many P&S cameras are as wide as a 28, so I'm not sure what you're comparing there.

Secondly, if ultra DOF is bothering you, open up that 28 f1.8 and focus on something close. That will not be P&S like, as in these samples, all taken with the 28 f1.8G at f/2.0.

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