Nikon d600 wide angle lens advice

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Re: Nikon d600 wide angle lens advice

Encephalartos wrote:

Thanks for the reply's guys, I take a look into it. Although 14mm is far too wide! I was thinking 20-28mm. Nevertheless I will read some reviews and get some background on the lenses.


In the lightweight options, I see, depending on your use, either:

  • the 18-35mm F/3.5-4.5 G if you want flexibilty at the cost of speed (max aperture)
  • a 20 or 24 f/2.8 AF-D prime
  • the 28/1.8 if you think it's wide enough (have a look at the focal length you used with your Canon kit and convert it to FX to get an idea of what focal lengths you use most)
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