black dot on NEX5 sensor

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Re: black dot on NEX5 sensor

eyescribe wrote:


I've tried everything (cleaning, blowing, etc) but the dot is still there. Visible no matter what lens I use. But not visible to the naked eye.

I'm going crazy. Could it be an electronic problem or some other damage?



You have the inevitable dust spot on your sensor, Ian. The remedy: regular cleaning, with a blower and (I recommend) the Lenspen Sensoklear II:

To clean your sensor:
1. Menu > Setup > Cleaning Mode > Okay

2. First, remove the lens, then turn the camera over so the open end is facing down. This aloows any dust particles to fall free of the camera, instead of just settling back onto the sensor.

3. Take the blower and gently blow on the sensor a few times, changing positions as you do so.

4. Take the SensorKlear and, with very light pressure, rake it across the sensor surface in rows, from one side to the other, like mowing a lawn. I work lengthwise first and then do it again, the other direction.

5. Blow once again.

6. Put the lens back on.

7. Turn off the camera.

One note: Before you can do this, you'll have to make sure you have at least three bars on your battery life first.

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