Canon camera and Printer query

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Re: Canon camera and Printer query

There's no reason to think that a Canon printer will do any better than any other brand with images from a Canon camera. A camera produces images and a printer prints them. The printer is completely agnostic when it prints an image - there's no family or brand loyalty involved.

Get a printer that meets your printing requirements and don't worry about how the image was derived. You will find plenty of threads on this forum about the pros and cons of different printer types, so choose one that loooks right for you. I've printed from Olympus camera to Canon printer, Canon camera to Canon printer, Canon camera to Epson printer and now Panasonic camera to Epson printer. Every combination has worked because I've taken care with the printing workflow.

A digital image is a digital image, and a good printer will always give a good print from a good image, no matter how the image was generated.

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