Canon to make industry leading sensors

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Re: Canon to make industry leading sensors

Limburger wrote:

MarshallG wrote:

The CanonRumors site has no credibility. They've been predicting the imminent release of the 7D Mark II for over two years now. They were certain it would be announced on April 21 of this year. They're just making up rumors (which of course will come true sooner or later), in the hopes of getting some ad revenue.

One thing I can say -- I recently travelled to Taiwan, and visited the street with all of the camera stores in Taipei. In all of the Canon stores, they carry the 5D, 6D and 700D, but only one shop had a 7D. It looks to me like something's up.

Resellers don't want a 7D in stock because of the rumours.

Buyers wait for the next big thing or for the 7D to drop in price even more.

I just picked up a mint 7D, with under 500 exposures, for $800. The 7D Mark II is irrelevant to me, because waiting for it would mean spending twice as much; i'm sure it will be a $1,600 body at launch, maybe more. Fughedaboudit.

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