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Re: Why not just bring a portable hard drive?

Alpha Jack wrote:

jezsik wrote:

You seem to want to go through a whole lot of trouble for something that is very simple. At the end of the day, go to an internet cafe with your card reader and portable hard drive and transfer all your images. If you're clever, you have "portable app" software to manage and edit the images before uploading them to whatever site you choose.

There is a workflow that I desire where that just doesn't meet my needs,

Uh, ok, but a network between your camera and iPad and WiFi hard drive does? That does not strike me as a robust solution, but I guess if you're married to a particular workflow, there's no point in changing.

but evenso, can you assure me that there is an internet cafe in Kitwe, Zambia?

I believe that you will find at least three of 'em on Oxford road.

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