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birdbrain wrote:

Still doesn't alter the fact there are other very similar models of gimbal mounts out there.

Take the Jobu, apart from one of the knobs being in a different position it is virtually the same but sold for a lot less.

People are naturally going to go for cheaper options it's a fact of life, money is tight and they like to save a bit where they can.

I went for the Manfrotto 393 does the job admirably, I made a modification that locks the gimbal as that's what I wanted. Saved myself a shed load of cash which I put into other gear.

A Wimberley is £510 in the UK a Manfrotto 393 is £119 saving £400 nearly.

The Jobu is £362.71.

The Benro is £269 which includes the lens plate.

If the Wimberley was sold in the UK at the current exchange rate it would cost £386 some £114 cheaper.

Yet Jobu which is $499 in Canada is sold here for £362.71, the direct current conversion of the $499 price is £310.

So why if the Wimberley is $595 and the direct conversion of the currency makes it £370 is it then sold for over £500?

Seems to me Jobu are playing a straighter game than Wimberley myself.

If people think that something is too expensive they are going to find cheaper alternatives, and there will be companies out there willing to meet that demand.

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You can blame the pricing difference from US to UK and elsewhere on what the dealers want to charge for Wimberley Products.

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