How do you shoot in 'low light'?

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Re: How do you shoot in 'low light'?

I recently did a shoot of the inside of an historic house. The lighting was very difficult as some rooms faced the sun and some faced away. The internal paintwork differed from room to room and the sun kept coming out and in behind clouds.

I wanted to take natural light shots as well.

The way I did it was, use a tripod, set ISO to 200, set aperture to f8, then metered in auto to get an approximate reading then moved to manual for the speed. Effectively I did test shots by changing the speed and checking the histograms.

The histograms were not always the right thing to use on their own as there was high dynamic range in some shots when the sun came out and also deep shadows in some places. In these cases I took a number of shots at different speed settings and will use HDR on these shots in pp.

Hope this helps. You need a tripod and wired release to do it this way as some shits were very slow. The slowest being 15secs.

Another example is I was also recently in a number of churches, hand held, I used ISO 1600, and f6.3. Again I used the histogram mainly but if the histogram was out I dialed in an appropriate amount of EC.

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