The pz16-50 at a Muse concert.

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Re: The pz16-50 at a Muse concert.

CosmoZooo wrote:

By no means I would claim that I would do any better under the circumstances and with the kit lens but looking closely at the photos - they unfortunately look like a mediocre P&S quality than DSLR shots - which is what NEX should look like.

Under these circumstances i think 1650 didnt do that bad, even with the naked eye there faces

looked blurry. To clarify more, it was my first attempt to shoot at a concert, never done that   before and didn't have a clue what to expect.

Undoubtedly the 16-50 PZ is a bad lens for the job and the SEL 50 1.8 would have been the right one to use but I do have a few questions:

Yes that's what i take with me next time

Why shoot at anything above f5.6 at that distance and in poor lighting at 50mm. Why use F8 for example, you're only restricting the light? If there was a good reason I'd like to understand.

I decided to go for shutterpriority when i was going there, didn't want to change it after.

Also several shots suffer from a rather obvious motion blur - IMO your shutter speeds should have been higher for people moving on stage.

Yes, true. Plus the beer didnt help there either

So I would never go above the max aperture of f5.6 and probably keep the shutter close to 1/150 to 1/200. I am not a RAW shooter but if I was attempting this with a kit, I would probably also try to shoot RAW as the possibility of getting decent results in PP would have been higher.

Next time i go Raw,

P.S. I've just re-read my comments and remembered that you were shooting in S mode so it's the camera that picked F8. You should have watched it and countered by either going up on the shutter which would only benefit you or shoot in M.

I tried higher iso, but it just came out to grainy, so i wanted to go 3200 max but prefered to stay lower.

It was a tryout for me, and wanted to see what i could achieve with the kitlens.

Atleast i learned a lesson or two from it, next time i think i can do better, thx for the tips.

Greets, Rob.

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