Nikon 85mm 1.4D @ f/1.4

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Re: Nikon 85mm 1.4D @ f/1.4

lac111 wrote:

I like the idea, but it's generally better to have at least the center of the flower in focus, which you can never do wide open. Unless you're doing a close up of a section of the petals, which requires a macro lens. With center framed flower the eye goes to the center, and........ Yes, you get lovely bokeh wide open, but you have to balance that with other concerns. IMO none of the 85mm lenses are well suited for shots like this since the min focus distance is too long.



You are right about the depth of field, in this instance there was quite a breeze, and hand held, so was very pleased to get this much of the flower in any kind of sharpness! However I took some shots at f2 and f2.8 and while they were much sharper, they did not look as good. There is a lovely slightly crazy bokeh with this lens that I like very much, dedicated macro lenses, dfc, good zooms, have very smooth bokeh, but dont always do crazy bokeh, also I like the water colour effect of extreme blur. As usual it is all down to personal taste.

With most lenses, I pretty much know what the background will look like, with this lens I am constantly surprised, it is as if the horizontals and verticals are fighting each other, definitely worth trying this lens especially as prices have dropped and it is now well priced. John

Here are some daffs at f2.8:

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