Fuji triggering MFT price drop?

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... but what sort of netiquette is it to make 3 different threads about Fuji on a non m4/3 forum.

Have people lost their heads?

Where else would you compare different systems? There's not a "m43/Fuji comparison" forum or "mirrorless system comparison" forum.

There is obviously a lot of cross interest between these and recently a lot of converts to Fuji due to their aggressive lens pricing. It wouldn't be any more appropriate to talk about the differences on the Fuji forum.

You must be joking. There is the Open Forum, exactly for that.

What if your partner told you every day that he prefers somebody else? Not very polite to say the least.

On the Internet politeness must apply like everywhere else. And this is the m4/3 forum.

Certainly people don't need to be led by hand to a different system? Can they even take a wee by themselves? LOL


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Well I would philosophically disagree with your stance, because I work in both the Sony NEX system and the m43 system. Comparisons are of great interest and come naturally to me.

Not only that, but there is a commonality within all mirrorless systems.

Which is what? They still have different mounts, so one must buy lenses again?

If you want to compare SYSTEMS in abstract, then the Open Forum is perfect.

Additionally, when I perused the Fuji Forum they were crystal clear with me that no m4/3 would be discussed, ever. Perhaps out of a superiority complex? LOL.

How did they make it crystal clear? I assume you weren't rude enough to have started a thread or commented on m4/3 there.

Seems to me that some would rather have an inferiority complex here, so that they can do at their ease, what they can't do elsewhere.

Is that what they call viral marketing? LOL


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